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About Hisun

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HISUN is one of the local leading pharmaceutical companies in China. It was founded in 1956; And this year would be our 60th anniversary. Over past 59 years, our company has always had positive revenue since it was established. HISUN was publicly shared in 2000 in Shanghai Stock Exchange(Our Stock No. 600267). We are the largest antibiotics, anticancer drugs production supplier. We provide diverse products and services. Our research channels cover many indications extensively: like anticancer, cardiovascular, anti-infective, anti-parasitics, immunosuppressant, etc. With the respect to annual revenue, R&D expenditure as well as its Social Record, HISUN is definitely top 10 among the 7000 local Chinese Pharma. We believe innovation launches the best treatment for healthcare.

HISUN’s branches spread all over Southeast of China. We have two branches in Beijing and 3 branches in Shang Hai. Our research centers and marketing troops did an excellent job in last 5 years so HISUN has expanded dramatically as a result.

Our Mr. president Bai Hua is a wise mentor and great entrepreneur. He is current vice-chairman of the China Pharmaceutical Industry Association too. He was awarded scripts top 100 elites of leading global pharma company in 2013. It is him who is led this firm from generics-based firm to be a successful Pharmaceuticals group.

R & D is always the key for Pharma industry. HISUN has to focus on bio-similar and a antibiotics. It is also known for high quality of production and strong capacity. However, we are stretching to become a leading research-based and successful business global player. We are equipped with state of the art lab and facilities. Our research expenditure increased consistently year by year, accounting for 10 % to 12% of our sales.

International cooperation is important to healthcare industry. Companies must face to patients from the whole world. One firm cannot solve all health problems. HISUN is open to collaborate with other providers, local government and social communities all over the world to explore affordable novel treatments for life. Pfizer and HISUN announced launch Of HISUN-Pfizer in 2012. And we currently build HISUN Pharm America in Princeton, New Jersey as well.

This year would be HISUN’s 60 years anniversary. Comparing to Pfizer 167 years, Merk 125 years and Eli Lily 140 years, 60 probably not that long, but we did walk the walk to fulfill our commitment: HISUN’s motto is “海纳厚生,正道修远”,which means HISUN always serve for life, we run our business with caring and responsibility.

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